June 14, 2014

First release of Silhouette for Play 2.2 and Play 2.3

After more than 6 months of work, I'm pleased to announce the first stable release of Silhouette for Play 2.2 and Play 2.3.
Silhouette is an authentication library for Play Framework applications that supports several authentication methods, including OAuth1, OAuth2, OpenID, Credentials or custom authentication schemes.
It can be integrated as is, or used as a building block and customized to meet specific application requirements, thanks to its loosely coupled design.
You can find the full feature description on the project website. The full documentation is available on the project wiki. If you need help with the integration of Silhouette into your project, don't hesitate and ask questions in our mailing list or on Stack Overflow.
I would like to thank all the supporters and followers who provide code and give feedback to the project.
Thank you!