June 14, 2014

First release of Silhouette for Play 2.2 and Play 2.3

After more than 6 months of work, I'm pleased to announce the first stable release of Silhouette for Play 2.2 and Play 2.3.
Silhouette is an authentication library for Play Framework applications that supports several authentication methods, including OAuth1, OAuth2, OpenID, Credentials or custom authentication schemes.
It can be integrated as is, or used as a building block and customized to meet specific application requirements, thanks to its loosely coupled design.
You can find the full feature description on the project website. The full documentation is available on the project wiki. If you need help with the integration of Silhouette into your project, don't hesitate and ask questions in our mailing list or on Stack Overflow.
I would like to thank all the supporters and followers who provide code and give feedback to the project.
Thank you!


  1. This looks interesting. What are the main reasons you created Silhouette, although there are already some other libraries, e.g. SecureSocial, http://securesocial.ws/? (And find some other links in this thread: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/play-framework/4ON5LaJKim4 )

  2. Hi,

    Silhouette is a fork of SecureSocial and the main reason to create the fork was the point that it was hard to extend SecureSocial because it was very tightly coupled. So I had the idea to replace the SecureSocial core with a loosely coupled library, so that the users can only use the core and extend it for their use case. (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/securesocial/9-UrYGhHpmQ)

    The maintainer of SecureSocial didn't like the idea. But at this time SecureSocial wasn't really maintained. There were many open issues and pull requests, so I made the decision to create the fork. In the meantime the maintainer of SecureSocial had inherited the most design decisions from Silhouette. So with version 3 of SecureSocial it should be more extendable.

    It's sad that we couldn't work together. It's certainly my fault. The next time I could be more diplomatic.


  3. Hi Christian, thanks for your reply. I've already integrated with SecureSocial, but I'm actually using it in the manner in which Silhouette seems intended, that is, I use the core functionality of S.S. only, not e.g. the signup or password login/reset pages and views. I thought it was too complicated to integrate with those parts of S.S., in my particular case. — If Silhouette had been available a year ago I'd probably have chosen it instead.

  4. Maybe for the next project (o;

  5. Hi Christian,
    thanks for a great library!

    What are your plans on the release date of 2.0?

  6. As soon as possible. The 2.0 SNAPSHOT is already really stable, but I would like to add CAS and some other providers to 2.0. I think a release in either of the first both months of the next year would be a realistic release date.