January 24, 2016

New MTB for spring campaign

Hello Silhouette users. In the last three years I spent a lot of time developing the Silhouette library. Version 4 is almost here and there are plans to create a more framework agnostic library in version 5. In the last two years the library has gained a lot of popularity and a small community has formed around the project. But sometimes it's hard for me to keep my work-life balance intact because of the huge amount of work I put into the project, to keep it up-to-date or to answer questions to help new users, so that they get their work done more quickly.

One thing that helps me to get a clear head, is to ride the trail with my mountain bike. I'm not a professional because I've started last year again after a long break, but I try to ride the bike as often I can. I've bought the bike in June and until December I drove approximately 1,100 kilometers. Not too bad for a half year, I think. My typically rounds are 20 to 30 kilometers long and if it's not to cold approximately 20 kilometers to work and back. My longest route was 50 kilometers at a stretch.

That's me on my new year ride at 1,000 meters high in the German Black Forest

Currently I drive a Cube Acid hardtail which is really great for road tours and light trails, but for downhill mountain biking it's not the right model. So I need a model which fits more into my biking style. If I should describe my biking style, then I would say that I drive 40% road tours, 40% light trails and 20% heavy trails including downhill biking. So I think the All-Mountain category fits best to me.

If you are also a mountain biker, then you know that these bikes are really expensive. Good entry-level bikes start at 2,500€ and upwards they can cost 10,000€ and more. Next month is my birthday and so my wife had the idea to gather some money from my friends and my family, so that I can buy me a new full suspension bike in spring. I really liked the idea but I knew that this money would not be enough. So I thought I start this little experiment to crowdfound my new bike with the help of the Silhouette community.

If you like the library and if you appreciate the work I've done for the library, then this is your chance to give something back to me. If you work for a company that uses the Silhouette library, please talk to your boss and tell her/him from this campaign.

You can support this campaign by donating through PAYPAL.ME or GoFundMe. Please contact me or add a comment if you like to support the campaign in another way. Any donation, big or small, can help. Thank you!


I'm so excited about the positive feedback I've obtained in the last week. I was speechless! The blog post was read by over 800 people and 5 people have donated 400 Euro. Thank you to all the supporters! That means a lot and it shows me that my hard work is appreciated!

The campaign is open until end of april and I'll add the Paypal donations to the GoFundMe page, so that the current state is always visible to all.